Kelowna 2012 on Shaw TV


Thanks to host Jessica Samuels and camera Valerie McTavish for putting together this segment for Shaw TV.

While the segment is just 4 minutes, 27 seconds, it literally takes hours and hours on the scene and editing booth after to put together such a highlight package like this.

Thanks to Shaw TV for airing and raising awareness of Celiac Disease and the gluten-free diet!  Thank you Kelowna for attending our first gluten-free expo!

Hot Chocolate Lava Cake – AM 1150 Gluten-Free Fridays

Editor’s note: Time corrected to read 4:50 pm.

Last Friday was the inaugural broadcast of the new “Gluten-Free Fridays” segment on Kelowna radio AM 1150.

Host Jessica Samuels was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January and hosts the daily program “Jacked in”. The new “Gluten-Free Friday” segments are broadcast Fridays at 4:50 pm.

This Friday’s broadcast featured Chef Michael Lyon from the Hotel Eldorado. Lyon shared his yummy Hot Chocolate Lava Cake recipe.

View the full recipe on Jessica’s blog.

Celiac disease and labeling on AM 1150 radio

Kelowna Chapter President Irene Thompson and chapter member Angela Petrie were on Kelowna’s AM 1150 at 5:52 pm Thursday night to discuss this week’s set back for the new allergen labeling¬†law.

Coincidently, the AM 1150 host, Jessica Samuels, is newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Click the logo below to listen to a full audio replay of the segment (run time 9:27).


Click to listen to a full replay of the AM 1150 segment

Click here to listen to a replay (8.8 Mb streaming .mp3).