One year of

Approximately one year ago our chapter website started, and over that year we’ve seen incremental growth to the point we are at 3,000 visits a month.

That translates to 25,000 all time page views.

What happened with the spike in May?  That was Celiac Awareness month where posted our awareness article as well as a link to this site.

What’s the most popular items on our site?  Take a look:

Title Views
Home page More stats 7,705
About More stats 1,558
Where to eat & shop More stats 1,508
Safeway Gluten-Free Product List More stats 1,243
Probiotics can help chronic inflammation from Celiac Disease More stats 767
Heinz gluten-free product list More stats 663
Maggie’s Gluten-Free Kitchen Products Now In Kelowna More stats 466
Old Dutch gluten-free products More stats 452
Gluten-free Genetically Modified Wheat? More stats 365
Gluten-Free Kids – Party Food Ideas More stats 320
Boston Pizza offers gluten-free crusts More stats 315
Newsletters More stats 308
Saputo brand cheese contains gluten More stats 305
Contact us More stats 293
Meetings More stats 276
Smuckers Gluten-Free Products More stats 263
Winnipeg to host 2010 Conference More stats 232
Knorr/Lipton soups they have changed the formula More stats 230
Popular Singer has Celiac Disease More stats 226
Join us More stats 217
New gluten-free iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app More stats 214


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