November 2009 President’s Report

I hope that you have all had a chance to take in all the lovely fall colours that have popped up in the last week. Mother Nature sure has been busy. On our trip to both Kamloops and Kelowna over the weekend I could not believe the beautiful array of colour that I was seeing.

HAPPY RETIRMENT MAUREEN!  We want to wish Maureen Green all the best as I understand you will be retiring from your job as dietitian in Penticton. Maureen has been such a help to our Penticton Satellite group. We are all going to miss you. We hope that you will stay in touch.

You will see later in the newsletter that we will be having a cooking demo before our lunch. Elana Westers will be making us some cookies to sample. Please look for the details in the newsletter. This will be a real treat and I mean treat as we will get to sample the goodies.

I will also be bringing a new cookbook to the meeting for you to look at and purchase. It’s by Jeanne Basye The Gluten Free Cookie Lady. I made some cookies today and they are great. I also love her flour mix the cookies were nice and soft and held together very well.

We will be planning our Christmas dinner at this meeting and anyone interested in coming is encouraged to sign up at this meeting as we are placing a limit of 60 for dinner.

I will look forward to seeing everyone on Nov. 8th for another great Pot Luck.

Irene Thompson,
Kelowna Celiac Chapter President

September 2009 President’s Report

I hope that you all had a very nice summer. I know that some of the members in the Kelowna area had a problem with the forest fires and suffers from a lot of smoke in the area. We are very lucky that we lost no homes and best of all no lives, so far this year.

Personally, my summer has been very busy. We’ve met many wonderful B&B guests once again this year. We had no major fires in this region and only a little smoke now and then.

The cycling for celiac riders arrived in Salmon Arm on Aug. 10th. The Kelowna chapter hosted 21 cyclists and support people plus one sponsor at the Primavera Ristorante Italiano, for a lovely dinner. We dined on chicken cacciatore and lasagna, many wonderful salads topped off by desserts supplied by Irene, Rachel, and Norma from the Kelowna chapter. They closed the restaurant to the public so we had the entire place to our selves. We had 37 attend.
The next morning breakfast was hosted at the Thompson residents for 29 hungry cyclist and members. They all arrive at once and it is like a zoo, but so much fun. I want to say a huge thank-you to Bill and Norma Titheridge for staying over and helping with the breakfast. I also want to thank Eleanor Beattie, Angela and the girls for making the trip from Kelowna to attend. Rachel was also on hand to help out. Thank-you all for your help and support. I also want to thank my husband Reg for his support, once again.

We are once again having some changes in our executive. Angela is stepping down from membership. Elaine Lowe will take on this position. We will also be looking for volunteers to take on the jobs of Hospitality and Supplies. Please take some time to consider these positions.
I want to thank Angela for her many hours spent in the membership and supply positions. Well done Angela!!! Drew will be speaking at our meeting in Sept. He will be talking about the Cycling for Celiac ride that he participated in for the first time. I’m sure there will be lots of great stories.

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting on Sept. 13th. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” from Maya Angelou

Irene Thompson,
President Kelowna Celiac Chapter

September 2009 Membership Report

by Angela Petrie

September brings about many new beginnings for my family: Hannah starts Kindergarten and I start “working for a pay cheque” again for the first time in 7 years. My days as a stay-at-home mom are coming to an end and I am excited about the next chapter in our lives. I will be working as a noon hour supervisor at the girls’ school for the 2009/2010 year and hope to be working full time in some capacity by next September.

As a result my role in the Kelowna Chapter is changing as well. As of August 31st Elaine Lowe will handle Membership. The Chapter is looking for someone to take over the supplies. If you think you can help out please let Irene know as soon as possible. I plan to continue to chair awareness month and other awareness activities and will therefore still be in contact with you with respect to ideas and/or volunteering. I also plan to still help out at the luncheons, BBQ and Christmas lunch.

We have had 15 (WOW) new members join our Chapter since May. A big welcome to: Susan Harrison- Christina Lake Lorna Young, Phyllis Hardstaff, Camille Garland, Margaret Mansell-Vernon Paule Seeger, Carlie Dudych, Joanne Latulippe, Lorna Hudson & Susan Morrison Kelowna: Jennie Johnson of West Kelowna, Ruth Manning, Louise Fenwick-Summerland; Doreen Van Basten-Penticton; Shelley Cover- Oliver

May 2009 President’s Report

Well spring has arrived on the calendar but I am still waiting for the warmth of the sun to arrive and stay for a while. It is however so nice to see the lawns turning green and the trees buds turning to nice bright leaves of many colours.

It was so nice to see so many members at our last meeting. It was also nice to see the new members join us for the potluck and meeting. This is a great opportunity for new members to ask questions and get more information and help.

By now you will have received the Awareness Material for May. Our theme this year Eating Out And Feeling Safe is a good opportunity for you to contact your local Restaurants, Care homes and Child care facilities to give them the information that was in the package.

Here are some dates to remember that will help promote more Awareness for us:

May 12th. Choices Chef Antonio will be doing a gluten free cooking class. Cost $15.00  and well worth it, I attended last year and he is a very interesting person and had a lot of great ideas. Oh yes you do get to sample. Contact Nadene 250-862-4864 at Choices to sign up for this great event.

May 14th lunch at Okanagan Collage in Kelowna 1000 KLO Rd. Time 11.30 We will need numbers and payment by May 11th. Contact Ann Peterson to let her know you will be attending. 250-832-830.

We have two riders from this area that will be doing the Cycling for Celiac ride this year. Drew Petrie from Kelowna and Sara Mitchell from Salmon Arm. We need to support both of these people in the way of donations. I want to thank all the members that donated to the ride at out last meeting however they still need your help as they each need to raise $3000.00 each.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Pot Luck meeting on May 10th. We will have a nice surprise for all the ladies as this is Mother’s Day.

Irene Thompson
President, Kelowna Chapter

PS: We will have Pledge sheets and income tax receipts for Drew Petrie’s donations at the May meeting!

May 2009 Membership Report

by Angela Petrie

Hello everyone!

There are several members whose memberships expired in the last 3 months of 2008 that have not renewed. This is the last time I will bring this up (I promise). there has been some confusion with National (due to the new membership database) involving renewals and I want to make sure that no one has “fallen through the cracks”. This will be the last newsletter you receive if you have not renewed. If you do not receive our next newsletter, and think you should be, please be sure to contact me at

We have added to our cookbook selections that are available for purchase at our potluck luncheons. They are:

  • The Best GF Family Cookbook, and;
  • The 125 Best GF Recipes by Heather Butt and Donna Washburn.

You can purchase them from us for $19.95. I have seen both of them listed at $27.00 + taxes in some retail stores. I hope to have them in stock for the May meeting.

I sat in on Heather and Donna’s talk at the Victoria Conference last year.

These ladies take “regular food” and duplicate the taste in their GF kitchen. They are quite an impressive duo and our whole family enjoys whatever I cook out of the book I have.

We have had four new members join our Chapter since our last newsletter. A big welcome to:

  • Brandy (Bobby) Botham and Patricia Clement of Penticton
  • Sally Lang and Teghan McCormick of Kelowna.

We are excited to see some new young members joining the group. I hope you can all come and play while the adults have their “meeting”.

We hope to see you ALL at the May luncheon!

March 2009 President’s Report

What a nice couple of days we have had sunny warm so nice. Am I ready for spring you bet I am and I am sure you are too. It will be so nice to see everyone again at the meeting in March. I have missed our pot-luck lunches.

I am very happy to report that Drew Petrie will be riding in the Cycling for Celiac event this year. Drew will be making the long ride from Victoria to Edmonton. Who knew we had an athlete in our midst. In order to do this Drew is required to raise something like $2.500.00. We are hoping that the MEMBERS will get behind this event and SUPPORT Drew with DONATIONS and PLEDGES. This is an event that raises awareness and support for Celiac Disease right across the country. (THIS IS OUR DISEASE)

May is Awareness month this year. I have asked Angela to chair this committee again this year. At the National level we are working on the awareness package that will go out to all the chapters. I can tell you our Theme this year is Eating-out and Feeling Safe. We will be targeting Restaurants, cooking schools, care homes, day cares. We will need everyone to get involved and help get the word out. That being said it is totally unrealistic and unfair to expect the Executive to do all work of organizing and making sure that these events happen. We all have family and commitments and time constraints as I know you all do. I would ask you to step forward and offer to help in any way you can.

I would like to thank all of the, Executive for another great year. It is so nice that we all seem to work well together and get things done. I also want to thank the members for their support and encouragement. (We are a good team)

I look forward to seeing you all in March. Take care and be good to each other.

Irene Thompson
President, Kelowna Chapter CCA

PS: We will have Pledge sheets for his ride to the March meeting!