Schooling your celiac kids

Courtesy Ellen Baynes – The Celiac Scene via Facebook

We hope that the following information will provide you with the tools you need to start the conversation on how your child’s needs can be accommodated and hopefully form the foundation of a solid collaboration between your child, school staff and other parents whose children may have celiac disease or other sensitivities. Your child may be the first celiac student that your school may have encountered but she certainly won’t be the last!

The Canadian Celiac Association is dedicated to supporting you and many undertake to support their youngest members with kids groups, special events, activities and tailor-made information packages. Others create forums so mom’s can share information one another or arrange play dates. A Chapter or Satellite is waiting to welcome you!

*Thanks to Shirley, Volunteer from Victoria Chapter of the CCA for her invaluable assistance in compiling this information.

look to Danna Corn who founded ROCK, Raising our Celiac Kids at—Tips-for-Making-the-Gluten-Free-Grade-by-Danna-Korn/Page1.html

FOR THE CHILD: to purchase stickers for your child’s tupperware, frozen snacks that can kept in the school’s fridge. (Scroll down)
Easy to read book written especially for children who have celiac disease. It contains information about Celiac Disease, questions and answers, recipes and snacks, games .

About the disease:

Sample Letters from the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America (

Letter to Teacher:

School Trip Letter:

Understanding Your Student:

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