Kelowna GF Bakery Develops Educational Website & Cookbook

by Nicole Knegt, Four Spoons Gluten-Free Recipes

Hello everyone!

nicole-knegtMy name is Nicole Knegt and I am a co-founder of Four Spoons Gluten-Free Bakery in Kelowna.  For the last three summers, my husband and I have been baking up all sorts of delicious treats for our customers at the Kelowna Farmer’s and Crafter’s market.  Our time at the market has been a wonderful experience filled with many new friendships and stories: stories of diagnosis, lifestyle change, and the sweet discovery of relief. We have also heard time and again how difficult it is to bake gluten-free, which is why we recently closed our bakery and are transitioning from baking to educating.  Our mission is to empower individuals to successfully bake and cook simple, budget-friendly and delicious gluten-free foods. Over the years we have heard from many customers that they simply do not know where to begin with gluten-free baking. We want to change this. We want to help bring happiness back to eating despite dietary restrictions.

That is why this summer we launched a comprehensive educational resource website ( for people struggling with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.  We have an incredible team of professionals who are collaborating with us to create trustworthy and reliable resources. Our team includes two dietitians, a food scientist and a holistic chef.  This team has helped us create some terrific resource guides, from our Guide to a Gluten-Free Diet to our Guide for Students and our Guide to Gluten-Free Bakingflaky-seriesFour Spoons Gluten Free Recipes contains a 150+ recipe index of recipes that are simple and call for inexpensive, yet healthy ingredients.  We also blog regularly and have begun creating cooking videos to help people see exactly how to create our recipes.  Matthew and I are having such a good time shooting these cooking videos, so be sure to check them out on our YouTube cooking channel.

It has been bittersweet saying goodbye to the bakery, but we have tried to make it a bit more sweet by promising our customers the publication of a Four Spoons Bakery Cookbook.  We have decided to call the book Soft, Chewy, Gooey, Awesome: Recipes from our Gluten-Free Bakery, because these are just a few of the words we have regularly heard people say when they eat our baking.  Alongside our bakery recipes, the book will also be filled with pictures of our customers and some of their stories.  We are very excited to create this book in collaboration with our customers, because it has always been about them and their support of our bakery.  We will also be creating a cooking show for our YouTube channel that will teach through the entire cookbook!

cookbookWe are very excited for this project and plan to have the cooking show and digital copy of our book ready by mid December, with our printed book available in the New Year.  Please go to for more information on our cookbook.  If a gluten-free cookbook and cooking show sounds interesting to you, please visit and consider pledging to our fundraising campaign.  We are offering tons of awesome gluten-free rewards for pledges made towards our project.  This fundraising campaign will run through to November 22, 2014.


We hope that our website, cooking channel and soon to be published cookbook will provide much needed resources for anyone with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.  If you are interested in following what we are doing, please find us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our blog.  We would love to hear from you.

Update from the CCA National Office

by Jim McCarthy, Executive Director, Canadian Celiac Association

CCA Online
I am relieved to finally be able to confirm that we have resolved the core issue with online access to your CCA account, and your ability to renew, shop and donate online. For any of you who have already been successful at this, the following DOES NOT APPLY! Simply keep using the logon and password combinations that you have used.

For the rest of you who have not been able to access your account, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the ‘Member Log-in’ box on the right-hand side of the Home page of the website –

2. In the ‘logon’ box, insert your first initial and then last name (e.g. – John Smith is jsmith). The total number of letters is less than 6 (six), insert enough numeral 1 (one’s) AFTER YOUR NAME to make it six characters (e.g. – Jean Doe is jdoe11)

3. In the ‘password’ box, insert your member number which you will find on your membership card. Again, the total number of characters must be 6, so in this case insert enough 0 (zeros) at the FRONT OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER to make it six characters (e.g. – Memb. # 2345 would be password 002345).

4. Click the ‘Log on’ gold button and you should be directed to your account.

5. I would recommend the first thing you then should do is to review your personal information, and change your password.

If you have any problems with this, please email or call the 1-800 number and press 1, and Sandy will be able to assist you.

Allergen Labelling Amendments Passed
Most of you may be aware by now that the amendments to Allergen Labelling regulations which include gluten and sulphites has finally be passed! Thanks to all of you who participated by making your views known to the Prime Minister, Health Minister and/or your local MP. Over the several months of effort to get this done, we understand that more than 8000 emails and letters were received!

If you missed some of the publicity, you can check it out at these sites:

Post media:
(National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun)


(Check out the video link of Laurie and Janet’s interview on CTV’s Power Play national political show)

You can also test your real Canadian ‘BIQ’ at

2011 CCA National Conference
The conference planning is well underway, and the Ottawa Chapter is eager to welcome you May 13 – 15 in the National Capital. We remind that the ‘Early Bird Rate’ is only valid until MARCH 1, so you have a little more than a week to take advantage of this great rate! A registration form is attached, or you can go to the website and fill out an interactive form and submit it by email if you are paying by credit card.

Download the Ottawa 2011 Conference Registration Form (PDF)